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Operations Manager • Compliance • Secondary Marketing

Career Experience

Franklin American Mortgage, Irving, Texas, May 2008 – Present
Vice President, Post Closing Manager

Responsible for the timely purchase of closed loans by investors and clearing of post closing conditions. Manage employees in multiple locations supporting four branches. Duties include escalated loan issues including investigation of fraud or declined loans, managing turn times, quality control for the channel and ensuring the staff is properly trained.
Key Achievements:
Reduced backlog of suspended loans from 750 to 150 in first 90 days.
2) Implemented trend reporting to the branches to reduce upfront errors.
3) Implemented a quality control feedback system to the employees to provide loan level feedback on issues identified by investors post closing.

Greenpoint Mortgage, Plano, Texas, March 2006 – January 2008
Vice President, Due Diligence & Purchase Manager

Led thirty-five employees in the Due Diligence Audit, Loan Purchase & Funding, Shipping and Post Closing Departments of the Correspondent Lending Division. Responsibilities included review of collateral documents, appraisals, closing documents, compliance testing, review of underwriting conditions and new loan set up. Responsible for determining staffing levels based on capacity modeling, budgeting, forecasting, hiring, employee reviews, corrective actions and terminations. Underwriting signing authority up to $800,000.

Key Achievements:
1) Strategically redesigned the Origination System which increased productivity 66% in Purchasing and 25% in Due Diligence.

2) Implemented error tracking methodology and training which along with process improvements reduced error rates by 75% in Due Diligence and 90% in Purchasing.

3) Served as the Department’s Subject Matter Expert on IT changes. Served on IT Prioritization Committee charged with prioritizing IT resources for the company.

4) Managed Internal Audit results earning top rating two years in a row by focusing on addressing previous audit findings and implementing process improvements which reduce risk to the company.

Citimortgage, Irving, Texas, June 2000-March 2006
Vice President, Texas Veterans Land Board Program Manager

Managed the Administration of the Veterans Housing Assistance Program on behalf of the Texas Veterans Land Board of the State of Texas. My responsibilities included Loan Production and Sales/Marketing. Loan Production staff consisted of six employees performing loan pricing and rate locks, loan review of FHA, VA and Conforming Conventional loans, loan purchase and final document review. A yearly Marketing Plan was written and developed in conjunction with the TVLB and I managed the marketing budget to ensure cost control. I was also responsible for writing all Program memoranda and ensuring the Land Board was informed of industry changes.

Key Achievements:
1) Two-time Reach for the Stars Award Winner – given to “high potential” employees.

2) Redesigned all Lender Communications from CitiMortgage, creating consistency and improving the professionalism of the design.

3) Created new marketing campaign for 2006 complete with marketing materials.

4) Redesigned registration system functionality reducing the time to lock a loan from eight minutes to two.

5) Based on the success of improving customer service of the TVLB department, I was asked to manage the Customer Service Call Center for the Cal-Pers unit in Sacramento. The unit consisted of four phone representatives with one supervisor.

Vice President, Commitment Desk Manager

Responsible for registration of conforming, nonconforming and government loans from Correspondent Lenders as well as pipeline management and exception pricing. Registrations consisted of AOT, Direct and bulk transactions. Staff consisted of nine pricing specialists in Dallas and St. Louis. Responsible for elevated issues regarding pricing, expired rate locks and general customer service issues with regard to pricing and rate locks..

Key Achievements:
Successfully reduced processing time 25% through streamlining processes and reduced unprocessed loans by 80% utilizing the Correspondent website for faster processing.

Assistant Vice President, Business Operations & Compliance Manager

Responsible for the monthly Correspondent Lender Management Evaluation. This evaluation was based on Lender performance monitoring in the areas of Delinquency, Government Insuring, Repurchase, and Final Document delivery. A comprehensive lender scorecard was created assessing each lenders specific risk to the company, based on their size and the company’s exposure to them. The process served to minimize risk to the company by identifying lenders with issues quickly so disciplinary action could be taken. Based on performance, disciplinary actions were determined and communicated.

Responsible for all Correspondent Lending communications including writing and publishing of the Correspondent Lender guide, all Lender Memoranda, product announcements and maintenance of the Correspondent website. Compliance duties included implementation of Compliance policies, managing the review of reported HMDA information through loan level testing to ensure accurate LAR data. I provided training and coaching to Loan Review staff regarding HMDA error findings as well as Compliance issues such as Predatory Lending findings. I was responsible for the content of the loan review process working through the corporate Compliance Committee to ensure loan documentation standards were in line with industry standards. I developed automated tools and processes to measure and evaluate loans for high cost/predatory issues as well as income limits for loans in bond programs with such limits.

Bank of America, Dallas, Texas, October 1997 – June 2000
Assistant Vice President, Team Manager

Managed six Natural Work Teams purchasing $500 million per month of mortgage loans consisting of conforming conventional, government and jumbo products from a nationwide base of correspondents. Responsibilities included coaching and developing team leaders, developing and ensuring productivity standards were met, creating a customer service culture, and managing cost to produce.

Bachelor of Science, Economics & Finance (1991)
University of Texas @ Arlington – Arlington, Texas

References: Available Upon Request